we are happy to provide you with
4 ways to receive a price estimate

1. Use our pricing calculator below to get a rough estimate of how much it would cost. Then receive a firm bid the day of the appointment.

2. Use our photo estimate form here and we can estimate the cost for you.

3. Call us and we can give you an estimate by looking on the county assessor website and Google street view. 970.275.4170

4. Request a site visit so that we can give you a very firm estimate. This will incur a small fee that will be added to the estimate.


Generally, we charge $5 per window and $2 for screens.

(Note: With screens we clean the tracks and sills)

Here are window samples that can be used as a rough estimate pricing guide.

Here is how to count windows:

(Number underneath window’s name represents window count)

*Divided light windows or French Windows with non-removable grids are an additional cost depending on the style.

(Picture or oversized windows with or without grids are subject to additional charges)

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The quote presented above is in no way a firm contractual bid.
It simply provides you with an “approximate” cost for your project.

In general we do not charge for ladder work on the first 2 stories. We will assess ladder work per job for window height that exceeds a traditional 2 story building or normal degree of difficulty.

Some customers elect to do the inside of the windows themselves. If that’s the case, we charge 60% of the estimate to do the outside and the screens. Our recommendation would be to get the windows done professionally inside and out the first time. We will then come back and clean just the outside in 6 months for half price, following that up six months later with our complete inside/outside job again. That’s what the majority of our customers do.